Our History.

A detailed history of Sudbury’s largest and oldest English Roman Catholic Church from the beginning.


English speaking parishioners of Ste. Anne des Pins Parish signed an agreement that would see the building of an English-speaking Catholic Church in Sudbury.


Bishop Scollard divided the congregation at Ste. Anne’s to benefit the growing number of English-speaking parishioners in Sudbury. The parish was declared under the title of St. Joseph’s Church. Masses were held in the Jubilee Hall next to Ste. Anne’s while the construction of the present building was beginning. Construction was delayed numerous times due to the First World War.


The cornerstone of the Church was laid on June 17. While the super-structure was being erected, disaster struck. The right wall blew out during a high windstorm that hit Sudbury.


On September 29, St. Joseph’s Church was officially dedicated and blessed by Bishop Scollard.


Bishop R.H. Dignan officially changes the name of the parish from St. Joseph’s to the Church of Christ the King.


On July 7, the first Diocesan Eucharistic Congress was held at the Church of Christ the King.


An event of near-tragic proportions occurred on October 30th. The church was completely gutted by fire and financial loss was in excess of $200,000. In spite of the heartbreak to priests and parishioners alike, Father Humphrey wasted no time in beginning preparations to restore the church. Mass was held at the Capitol Theatre until July of the following year.


The world-touring statue of Our Lady of Fatima arrived in Sudbury for ceremonies at the Sudbury Arena that attracted over 10,000 people. The statue returned to Sudbury in 1955 and visited the Church of Christ the King.


The Church of Christ the King sent a group of young people to Gualan in Zacapa, about 100 miles from Guatemala City. This was part of a group called “Project Amigo” – a group of young people who were called to mission to the less fortunate. The group missioned in Gualan for two and a half weeks.


A renovation of the Church took place to emphasize the declarations of Vatican II. The new look marked another chapter in the long history of the parish.


During this Holy Year, the church of Christ the King was designated a Pilgrim Church in the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie.


Frank Scappatura was the first to be ordained as a Deacon at Christ the King by Bishop E. Carter.  At the same time, his wife Estelle was mandated to the Diocesan Order of Women.


Roger Crichton was ordained as a Deacon in a ceremony that was telecast across Canada by CBC.


Upgrades to the church included painting of interior walls and re-carpeting of some areas.


During this Holy Year, the church of Christ the King was designated a Pilgrim Church in the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, for the second time in its history.


Answering the food security needs of the community, Beech Street Community Kitchen opened in 2007. While the kitchen began as a partnership with Jubilee Heritage Centre and focused on enhancing food skills of young mothers, the Beech Street Community Kitchen now helps youth from the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth.


The Ark of the Covenant, designed to recall the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City in 1608 and the arrival of the Catholic faith in this part of North America, was venerated at Christ the King in February before continuing its pilgrimage to Quebec City.

A procession to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi wound through downtown Greater Sudbury, lead by Bishop Jean Louis Plouffe and over 200 Catholics from various parishes.


Holy Trinity Parish merged with Christ the King. In 2013, when the parish closed, former Holy Trinity parishioners were welcomed to Christ the King as they lovingly shared their leadership and active participation in parish activities.


The Church of Christ the King celebrated its Centennial Jubilee with a year of events and activities.

Christ the King is the largest and oldest Church in the Sudbury region, serving English-speaking Catholic families since 1917.


5:00 p.m.


10:15 a.m.


Tuesday – Friday 12:05 p.m.

Every Wednesday- Rosary, Adoration and Benediction will take place at 11:30 a.m.


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